Quantum Physics Online is a set of interactive Java applets illustrating various aspects of quantum physics through simulations and animations. It is part of an ongoing effort undertaken by Jean-Louis Basdevant, Jean Dalibard and Manuel Joffre for developping a fully interactive quantum-physics lecture taught at Ecole Polytechnique. This work is supported by Ecole Polytechnique's Direction of Studies.

The Java applets were developed by Manuel Joffre, with much help and suggestions from Jean-Louis Basdevant and Jean Dalibard, whose lectures also served as a constant source of inspiration. Fruitful discussions with all teachers participating in the quantum-physics course are also acknowledged: Florence Albenque, Gerald Bastard, Adel Bilal, Alain Blondel, Jean-Yves Courtois, Nathalie Deruelle, Philippe Grangier, David Langlois, and Rémy Mosseri.

See also the Quantum Mechanics Solver, a set of problems illustrating the application of quantum mechanics to modern physics.
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